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De Rosa DRMS14-SL 14" Snare Drum Kit Silver

De Rosa DRMS14-SL 14" Snare Drum Kit Silver

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The De Rosa Snare Drum kit is a complete package that offers the student percussionist the ability to play in several different settings that include at home, at rehearsal, or a concert. It features a 14"x5.5" snare drum with a responsive textured head, a heavy-duty stand, and a practice pad.The mute/practice pad is made out of sound dampening rubber. Simply place it over the drum and you have a quiet practice solution! Also includes a tuning key, set of sticks, a strap for marching and a nylon carry case. Compared to similar student snare drum outfits on the market, this price cannot be beat.


Chrome, Black, or Natural Finish  
8-Lug Snare Drum 
Metal Shell 

Package Includes: 

Durable Nylon Backpack Style Case 
Drum Sticks 
Snare Strap 
Black Rubber Practice Pad 
Tuning Key 
High Quality Durable Double Braced Snare Stand


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