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H. Jimenez LGTN2 El Tronido Guitarron

H. Jimenez LGTN2 El Tronido Guitarron

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From the tip of the signature pointed H. Jimenez headstock to the Mariachi teacher-requested strap buttons, this special guitarron design delivers a lot of bass punch. Notice the front and back body edges are traditional hand-fitted alternating maple and mahogany wood pieces. The rosewood fingerboard has the signature H. Jimenez laser logo and the arrow rosette. The special H. Jimenez designed rosewood Thunderwing bridge saddle allows for optimum action. The very smooth action tuners and booming round tone strings give this guitarron a powerful thundering tone. 

  • Bridge: Specially designed H. Jimenez Thunderwing for deep booming bass response and adjustable for optimum performance
  • Fingerboard: Natural rosewood fingerboard with H. Jimenez logo lasered in the end
  • Strap pins: Chrome strap pins installed for double attached straps (requested by Mariachi teachers)
  • Nut/Neck: Traditional rosewood nut provides warm rich tone / comfortable profile
  • Mahogany neck: 26" scale
  • Bracing: Traditional style brace design
  • Edges: Traditional mahogany and maple edges with purfling
  • Tuners: Smooth action geared chrome tuners
  • Arrow soundhole rosette
  • Deluxe padded black nylon logo bag is included with zipper pouch and shoulder straps


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